Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bacon Papa for the Win....

Here's a list of Bacon Papa's wins this week - I have to share these because I have a tendency to just share the hilarious/annoying things that my dear husband does, but he really is SO AMAZING. I am so blessed to have him be mine. I can hardly believe that this January we will celebrate 3 years of marriage (4 years together total since we only dated for 6 weeks and had an 11 month engagement :)).

Ranked (In order from greatest to still-awesome)

1. What he said last night: "Babe, you are just so pretty. I mean you just have a glow about you today. I think you are going to have the baby soon!!!" (Update - no baby just yet.)

2. His response shortly after that, to the question I unfortunately asked  him ("How much do you think I weigh right now?"): 20 lbs. less than my actual weight. (He guess this number with a genuine look on his face...which leads me to believe he was serious....which makes me love him even more for not seeing the very large pregnant woman that I am.)

3. What he brought me at work today: A brownie blitz cupcake!!! Basically a chocolate cupcake with fudge-y frosting and brownie bites and chocolate drizzle on top, and who knows what else. Oh, I know what else...lots of calories. Either way, DELICIOUS.

This is a great picture of Bacon Papa from a year ago or so.
Notice that he made me breakfast. It includes bacon!
You may also notice, if you have discerning eyes, that his plate is an egg white/veggie scramble thing (super healthy). Mine is a stuffed omelet, smothered in cheddar cheese and topped with avocado. YUMMY.

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