Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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Thinking about: How amazing it is to get a decent night's sleep. Miracle of all miracles, Liam seems to have sleep trained himself and is going for 7 hour stretches (every night for a week, so I think it is NOT a fluke, yay!). As in last night he slept from 10pm-5am, woke up to nurse, then back to sleep until 8am. He's 5 weeks old so Johnny and I SO appreciate this! Just a few weeks ago I was wondering when the wake-up-every-3-hours-to-nurse phase was going to end, and feeling so exhausted, and BAM! it looks like it's here. Now I guess I just need to sleep train myself...I'm still waking up every 3-4 hours because my body is so used to it!
Reading: Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts, a gift from my sister-in-law Lisa. I started it a few months before Liam was born and am taking my dear sweet time finishing it! (Something I never do...I normally power through books in a matter of hours.) Also reading lots of parenting blogs/articles; I constantly find myself googling things like "cure for cradle cap" (Liam has the mildest case so it's kind of silly to even worry about it, but I don't want anything messing with that gorgeous hair!) or "rash on baby's face" (turns out the expensive baby wash I was using, despite it's "all natural" marketing, is horrible on his skin).
Listening to: My boys playing together. I am one of five so I knew how great it was to have siblings around all the time, but now that I see my own two children interacting, I am just amazed at what a blessing it is. Liam is smiling and cooing and moving his arms and legs around and Jack gets such a kick out of it! I adore when Liam sneezes and I hear Jack say, "Bless you baby!" from across the room. 

Watching: White Collar! Such a great show and there are four seasons on Netflix so I will be busy watching for quite some time. We got a Roku for Christmas and set it up in our room so when I am lounging in bed nursing Liam, or holding him while he sleeps, and White Collar is on, I pretty much feel like I am on vacation! Also so happy that Downton Abbey is back (although these first few episodes have been a bit rough :(). 
Thankful for: Our childcare situation. Just this past week we got everything confirmed for Liam to start at the Christian daycare that Jack is at when I go back to work mid-March. What a relief! And a huge answered prayer. We love the facility and the teachers are so wonderful. We have such a great relationship with them. Jack is moving up to the toddler room soon, and luckily we'll still see all his infant room teachers because that's where Liam will be! Both boys will be there three days a week, and then they spent one weekday with John, and one with my mom. It is such a great balance and gives me so much peace that they are with family the majority of the week. Although sometimes Jack is just a little too excited to be at "school" and I wonder if he thinks they are way more fun that I am. ;)


  1. I started reading One Thousand Gifts a year ago, but I am not a fan of Ann's writing style. I might try picking it up again in the future.

    1. I agree, I love what she has to say but really struggle with her tone/syntax. The book has been so highly recommended though that I am committed to finishing it!

  2. Interesting that you and Sarah struggle with her writing! Now I want to read it just to see what you are talking about ;)

    What an incredible blessing it is that you feel at peace with your daycare situation -- that's the only way that I feel semi-okay about working when I do, because I trust and love who watches my girls, so I totally get how you feel. So awesome.

    I'm soooo jealous (in a non-mean way ;) ) that Liam sleeps so well!!! That's amazing! And, no it's totally NOT a fluke, you're in the clear ;)

    Thank you so much for linking up with us... I can't wait to read more from you. And keep us updated how the book goes! ~Jenna

    1. Thanks Jenna! You should definitely read the book, it's really inspiring and so relateable; her style is just really unique and descriptive and not something this English major is used to. :)

      As far as daycare goes, I agree! I could never leave my babies five days a week if I didn't know they were being loved and cared for exactly as I wanted them to be. It would be impossible to do my job well if I was worried about them...my heart would break! Whenever I talk to pregnant moms who plan to return to work I always encourage them to really consider childcare from all angles. For us having only family watch the kids, or having them attend daycare full-time, were not good options. The combination that we have is such a blessing!

      As far as my sweet baby...I still can't believe we got another one that nurses AND sleeps so well! He brings me so much joy, especially when he is swaddled up with his eyes closed at 2am, haha. ;)