Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We've settled in to a pretty nice routine over here and are definitely enjoying having two little ones, although at times things get a bit crazy (for example, we all have colds right now...not fun! All I will say is we've got more boogers than we know what to do with :(). Jack is talking up a storm and so active lately. He's constantly making us laugh with what he says and does. Sometimes he literally just runs in circles. Liam is a sweet, sleepy little boy from what we can tell. When he's awake, he's all smiles (& very gassy which is pretty funny since it doesn't seem to bother him too much) and the rest of the time, he sleeps. A lot. I think it's because he's constantly growing? We shall see.

One of the things that I  love is that we all get to spend so much time together! With two little ones most of the time I (surprisingly) have enough love/energy to spread around as long as I keep them both within arms reach. And even though they can't exactly "play" together yet, the boys are normally side by side.

They love to hang out in "Mommy's Bed" as Jack calls it. John is definitely the "fun" parent, and Jack can't get enough of his time with Daddy, so sometimes I feel like the loser parent around here! ;) But interestingly enough most of the things we own/have that Jack really likes are "Mommy's." Haha. I love snuggling with these two in bed and watching tv early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, for some much needed quiet time.
Bathtime is also still a "together" activity. I have mastered the art of bathing two children at once, but separately. Meaning...not in the same tub but consecutively. Liam is still too little to go in "Mommy's Big Tub" as Jack calls it, so he's in the infant bath on the counter for his bath, and then once he's all set he has some time in the bouncer. Jack gets lots of play time in the big bathtub and likes having his baby brother hang out with him before, during, and after bathtime.  I love having a huge master bathroom!
Snacktime however is a solo affair. Today even the doggy had to give Jack some space while he enjoyed his snack du jour - sliced bananas with peanut butter and multigrain cheerios on top. Liam got to hang out in his new RockaRoo swing (below) so that I could monitor Jack and ensure there was no peanut butter finger painting in my nice clean house. :) Of course that meant that quite a bit of it ended up on my shirt!

Most of the time I still can't believe that we have two children and that it is so much fun! Liam will be 8 weeks old in just a few days, and Jack's 2nd birthday is just around the corner (well, it's in May but time is flying by, so it feels so close!). I go back to work in five weeks so I'm cherishing this time with my babies but looking forward to getting back to the job I love and figuring out my working mommy routine.

Update: after I posted this, I set Liam up for a bit of tummy time. Look who decided to join him? So cute!

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