Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pros & Cons of Being Pregnant

Trying to look cute/happy/energetic while brewing life in my belly...
Here's what I think about being pregnant.

Weight Gain
Pros: the bigger that baby bump gets, the harder it is to see that tiny number, 4 1/2 feet down, on the silly, silly scale. The baby bump provides a nice shield if you will.
Cons: If you can see that number, it keeps growing, despite your "best intentions." Let's get real (and oooh, I hate this before I even type it! but honesty is important so here goes...) I've gained 30 lbs. so far. I have 13 weeks to go. Oops.

Pros: you can eat what you want (as long as you let yourself) and really enjoy it. When I am not pregnant, I love food. When I am literally fills me with joy if I am able to find that perfect thing that I was craving, and devour it.
Cons: if you eat what you want, you'll probably feel like a fat cow. You might even feel like everyone in the entire restaurant is watching you polish off that plate of Pollo Gorgonzola pasta, and that's a definite con. You may find yourself wiping sauces/dressing/toppings off the baby bump (& thinking, "When did that get there?!").

Pros: there are a LOT of cute maternity clothes out there! In this day and age, no longer are you limited to Motherhood Maternity. The opportunity to look adorable (as you gain weight & eat lots of food) is right there in front of you, everywhere you turn (or click, if you are an online shopper :)).
Cons: You'll probably spend a LOT of money, because you "need" maternity clothes, because your body is growing exponentially (by the hour?) and you don't want to look ridiculous. Your husband will say "of course you need that honey! go ahead!" (if he is smart & wants to sleep in a bed, instead of on the couch) but then you'll regret many of those purchases in a few months because those items will not fit anymore.

Interest (by this I mean you are a person of interest)
Pros: Kind & loving people will smile, hold the door for you, let you go in front of them in the bathroom line, etc. Moms will offer encouraging advice, as they attempt to support you in this "exciting" time. Children will look at you in precious awe, and ask you cute little questions about your baby and when it is going to come out, and how big it is, etc. etc.
Cons: Strangers will stare at you and that big, ol' baby bump. Sometimes they say really weird things, really odd things, really rude things. Since you are pregnant, you may find yourself avoiding the logical response because you are unsure of whether interacting with these people will make you laugh or cry (which brings me to this next one).

Pros: (1% of the time/if you are lucky) Your hair will look better than ever! Your skin will glow, your nails will shine, and generally you will feel like a goddess, growing life within your own self. You go girl!
Cons: (99% of the time?) You will feel like a really different version of yourself - like sometimes you want to cry for no reason, or for a really small reason. You'll be sensitive. You might have a strange brown line on your tummy, blemishes on your face, hairier legs, etc. 

Siblings (if your unborn child has them I mean)
Pros: They are so, so cute about "da baby!" At daycare this morning, Jack saw a baby doll and wanted to help it go "nigh nigh." His teachers wrapped the baby in a blanket so he could rock it and put it to sleep. So adorable. He melts my heart every time he rubs my belly and yells "BABY!!!!!"

Cons: The baby bump looks like a comfortable seat/perch for your older is not. Your older child wants to run/play/jump/punch like usual and you are a slow-moving, +30 lbs. version of yourself. Difficulty ensues.

Pros: Mine is great, and always there to take care of me! He is on, 200% of the time, especially when I am pregnant, and I adore him. No matter what I need, what I think, or how I act, he is by my side, in word & deed.
Cons: He is by my side, in word & deed! Asking me questions, making comments, wondering about this or that. Let's just say foot in mouth syndrome is a life-long disease and it may or may not exacerbate this woman more when she is pregnant. :)

Alright mamas...add to this list by commenting below! I know you've got some good things rolling around in your head.

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