Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jack's First Birthday

Today is Jack’s 1st birthday! Although we celebrated this past Monday with family and friends (he was due on Memorial Day last year so I think it will be fun to celebrate his birthday on that holiday Monday when we can), today is a day I can really reflect on what a blessing that little man is. When I picked him up this morning (he slept in until almost 7am like the angel baby that he is) all I was thinking about is how much he’s grown in the past year. He is such a big, healthy boy, and has always been so easy going and joyful.

I love to think about the moment that he was born – after 18 hours of labor, my midwife said in a stern voice, “Kelly, I need you to push this baby out RIGHT NOW!” Although she didn’t tell me that she was concerned because the cord was wrapped around his neck (until later), I knew that something was wrong and it was time for me to get my sweet boy into this world safely. And just like that, he was born! And in my arms! And if you haven’t heard this before…he then promptly peed all over my face. I’m not joking…after 10 months of pregnancy (hard work) and 18 hours of labor (VERY HARD WORK)….my sweet baby boy thanked me by peeing on my face. I was so overwhelmed that he was in my arms (and that he had a full head of dark curly hair like I dreamed of) that I barely cared.

And now he is a big one year old boy! Crawling all over, walking with help, getting into everything around the house with his cute, chubby baby hands, and making us love him even more with each passing moment. One of his latest tricks is feeding our dog Blake at least half of his breakfast. He is so fair! Literally, one bite for Jack, one bite for Blake. When I try to explain that we don’t need to share our food with the dog he looks at me with this face that says, “Why are you saying no Mama? Look how much we both like this!” Another thing he loves to do is open the kitchen cabinets and either a) pull pots, pans, platters and bowls OUT of the cabinets or b) shove toys IN the cabinets (he finds them again later and oh my goodness you should see his face light up!) We really need to install those childproof latches at some point but I can just imagine how disappointed he will be when he tries with all his might to open them again and they stay firmly shut. He is a really strong and persistent little boy which always surprises me because of his easy-going, sweet temperament. I think it's the Irish in him that comes out when he really sets his mind to something!

Jack is such a blessing in our lives and I can’t wait for him to meet our next little blessing, his brother or sister due this December. Being a mom has been such an amazing experience for me and I feel blessed that I got started at the ripe old age of 24. I am so grateful for the challenges and rewards that I have experienced in the past year. And I know that we have so much to look forward to in the coming decades as our family continues to grow!

Here's a comparison of Jack on day 1, and at age 1! 
And my sweet boy in my arms on his birthday. I love how he is holding onto his mama's scarf. What a sweet boy.

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