Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day Date with the Flynns

Mike & Lisa (John's brother & his wife) invited us to a Giants game with them and today was the big day. Mike had great tickets so we literally sat three rows behind home plate. It honestly felt unreal and SO COOL and I don't even like baseball! I mean I like it, in that I don't NOT like it, but I don't love it (like John & Mike do). This was our view!

No filter. That is some green grass. I mean our grass of course looks
exactly like this stuff. it doesn't.

Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon. Speaking of Wednesday afternoons, I was shocked that the stadium was full! I kept thinking, don't these people have day jobs?! Is everyone on PTO like me? Although I have 4 weeks a year, in recent years I've used my PTO to take a few days off during the holidays, handle family emergencies...and go on maternity leave. So to take a random Wednesday off was a big deal (and of course the day prior, I randomly received 800% more emails/phone calls than the average day, which was crazy!). Anyway, it was a great break from reality and especially a great opportunity to have a "day date" with my husband and spend time with my awesome brother-in-law & sister-in-law.

John and I drove to Pleasanton and took the BART to the city (really it is The City to me...I'm a country girl at heart and it just seems so huge and so bustling and so crazy!) which ended up being quite nice. Except for the fact that when we arrived at the BART station at 10am, we spent 15 minutes driving around the massive 8 story parking garage trying to find a parking spot. Right as we were about to give up, I spotted a little tiny itty bitty parking spot and my amazing husband somehow backed our large SUV in (and got out without denting anything...he let his growing daily pregnant wife out before he sandwiched the car into the spot). We're quite the team he and I! :) So then we jumped on the train and before we knew it we were at the Embarcadero stop so we decided to grab some lunch. Of course I had to go to the bathroom (when I'm pregnant you can pretty much guarantee I always have to go) and we were at this great sandwich shop called Miss Tomato's. The woman helping us was really kind and even though they didn't have a restroom for customers (such is life in The City!) she gave me their employee key and very confusing instructions about how to enter the building next door, walk through this, over that, through this, etc. etc. etc. so I could use their bathroom. It was really sweet and by the time I got back (after John thanked her profusely, he is so polite) and sat down to eat my sandwich, I realized that I was on the verge of tears. Welcome to life as a crazy pregnant woman!!! (If you've never experienced these emotions, you've either never been pregnant, or you have amazing pregnancy hormones that allow you to remain normal...more power to should probably have 10 kids since you've been so blessed). I whispered across the table to John that I thought I might start crying. He responded with, "Oh honey! Why?" (Of course he was trying to hold back his laughter.). So I proceeded to explain to him that I was just so happy that someone had been so kind to me, and that I didn't really realize that strangers would recognize that I was pregnant and go out of their way to help me (that happens more when I am 7-10 months pregnant and the size of a cow) and it just made me feel so special. And that made me want to cry. OH MAN. Can't believe we've got 4 1/2-5 more months of this business (depending on when I can pray this baby out of me!). It was really great. 

Anyway, back to our fun day date. Then we walked to the stadium (a brisk 1.3 miles, it was great) and enjoyed a great game (well, horrible if you wanted the Giants to win, but great if you were there for the scenery, food, and company like myself). By the top of the 9th, I had run out of my "I don't know anything about baseball" jokes (A. "Wait, I thought we were the Mets! We're the Giants?" B. "Oh, so all those zeros that we have are not good?" C. "Why do you keep yelling 'sit down' when he's about to catch the ball? Is someone going to bring him steak and potatoes out there for an early dinner?") and the guys were ready to hit the road after a rough game. Instead of walking back, John and I took an awesome rickshaw ride (this crazy toned hippie dude pulled us the whole 1.3 miles in a cart attached to his bike! I loved it. I like bike rides except for the pedaling part so it was really an ideal situation for me) and that was so fun. 

On the rickshaw! We're all smiles since we aren't pedaling 400+ lbs. of weight like the hippie dude.
And here's another picture from our day...turns out we really took pictures while on various forms of transportation:

Enjoying the BART - I love being able to multi-task while we travel!
Although I did make myself a bit car sick...or BART sick...with too much iPhone use.
Before we left we also snapped a picture of me and baby #2. John said I looked "so cute!" in my Giants shirt  but's not a maternity shirt and it was a bit tight. At least I got one more wear out of it since I won't be using it for the next 9-12 months (this math assumes I lose the baby weight in 4-7 months...very reasonable, right?).

19 weeks...which is nearly half way especially if you are hoping
and praying to get that baby out anytime after 38 weeks! (Like me)
Okay, one more cute picture just for fun...this is me and baby #1 (Jack!) at his first Giants' game last July (6 weeks old!!! So tiny but already so chubby!).

If you are really astute you'll notice that this is the same shirt as above...

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