Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jack's Favorite Toys and a New Word

I would say these favorite toys are in no particular order but there is definitely an order of preference. 

#1: Emptying clean laundry onto the floor
#2: Touching wine bottles 
#3: Safe, age-appropriate baby toys

He is so darn cute no matter what he is getting into though! This weekend the big word was, "Wow!!!" It comes out a bit more like "Whoaw!" and it is just way too much fun for all of us. Anything and everything that is exciting or cool in any way is, "Whoaw!" to Jack. This coming Friday we are headed to Disneyland with my friend Colleen (who I haven't seen since college!) and I expect to hear a whole lot of "Whoaw!" from Jack. The weather should be really nice and I am so looking forward to a little getaway with a friend (we are also squeezing in visits with family so that should be a blast too!). 

We are having such a great time watching Jack play and learn new things....and we are definitely still trying to coax a few steps out of him now and then (he prefers to fall down...walking is just the first part of falling to him and the falling is the funny part in his mind.) Hopefully soon I will have a video to share of him walking all over! We're not rushing him though, we know it must be a lot of work to get those chubby little legs off the ground! :)

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