Sunday, July 28, 2013

This isn't a link up, or me sharing something awesome that someone else wrote...

It's just a quick summary of our weekend, because it's nice to share the little joys and blessings of life since sometimes life is hard and challenging and confusing! So anyway, back to joy and blessings...

Jack and I drove over to Watsonville/Capitola/etc. this weekend to meet up with John and the whole Flynn family. Going on a "road trip" can be really challenging these days but this one went fairly well. (A road trip is really anything longer than 1 hour, in my opinion, once you have kids...and yes, this was a road trip with two kids for was safely in the car seat (Jack) and one was bouncing on my bladder and other internal organs (Baby #2)). Jack doesn't love being in his car seat and fights the insane urge he must have to nap (I say must because I normally plan travel time around his naps, so that he is drowsy and/or unable to keep his eyes open...but somehow the little bugger fights it and stays awake most of the time). We stopped a little over half way at Casa de Fruta (one of my favorite little's like Disneyland to me because they have a few little rides, a playground, and lots of things that I like to eat!) and Jack had a blast. He loved the huge water fountain (he kept saying "WOW!" and also "BALL!!!" (the ball part didn't make sense since it was a jet of water shooting into the air, but I just roll with it when he's happy) and then we played on the swing (more "WOW!" and giggles from Jack) and even hung out in the grass for a few minutes. Jack wanted to eat most of the things he encountered while playing in the grass (see for yourself below...recall that I said the road trip went fairly well, not perfectly.)

Anyway, that was pretty much the end of our road trip because then we arrived in Watsonville and Jack had a blast playing with his cousins and loving on Odysseus (Mima & Papa's black lab, who I believe is infinitely cooler in Jack's eyes than our own dog because he is bigger). Jack kept showing off his "walking" skills (3-10 steps & then a face plant) and I think having his big, tall cousins around encouraged him to get those chubby legs off the ground and start movin'! It was great to see him having so much fun and acting like such a big boy. His cousins are great and also very smart. When I say things like "let's give Jack some space to move" they clarify that he doesn't need space, he's having fun because he isn't crying. Ah ha, so true, little genius cousins. 

During our visit we also took him to the beach for the first time! I can't believe it's taken us this long, especially since Johnny was born and raised as a beach loving dude bro! Jack thought the waves were pretty cool (lots of "WOW! WOW! WOW!") and also enjoyed the dozens of dogs surrounding us (I did not enjoy them as much since a lot of them weren't leashed! When I see a dog unleashed, around children, I want to say, "Hey! Just because you believe your dog is well-behaved and not a rabid animal, doesn't mean I do! Follow the leash law!" I refrained since Jack was within arm's reach at all times.) I'm looking forward to taking him back again soon when it's a bit warmer, although John said he had a blast putting his feet in the water even though it was freezing cold. I didn't witness that part because I was napping in the sand like a good pregnant mama.

He kills me when he crosses his little chubby legs! I couldn't get him to look at me and smile because he was just way too excited about the waves. And the dogs.

My boys are so cute together! Love them.
To top off the weekend we celebrated Shiyah's farewell (she's moving to Phoenix to go to college & nanny for John's sister) and the food was delicious and although Jack refused to take an afternoon nap while we were there (he has now entered that hazardous age where he can "play" instead of sleeping...I found him pulling the pack n' play mattress up over his legs and laughing at one point...surprise, surprise, the two strips of velcro they provide to keep the mattress in place are no match for a 14 month old) he slept almost the entire 2 1/2 hour drive home! Miracle of all miracles! It was fantastic except that we were in separate cars (John was following behind a ways with our dog Blake, who tends to get car sick) and when you are alone in a car with a sleeping don't stop for anything. Even if you have another baby kicking and bouncing on a very full internal organ that you would prefer to empty at a clean gas station or fast food restaurant.

Anyway, now we are home safe and sound and next on the agenda (probably) is getting Jack his first hair cut. Why, you ask? I know, I know, his curls are gorgeous and he is such a handsome little man and why would I want to mess with that combo? Welp, mostly because after church on Saturday evening this occurred:

Old lady: Awww, what's her name?
Me: Jack.
Old lady: Look at those curls! (Jack turns around so she can see his entire face)
Old lady: He's a boy! 
Me: Yes, he is. (That was all I could muster since I was thinking, "WHAT?!?!?!" plus lots of other things that are not polite. I mean the kid is cute but obviously male! And he was wearing an orange and navy striped shirt and navy blue pants!)
Old lady: That's nice too.

So expect my next update to include a picture of our big little boy with a bit less hair! :(


  1. No! The luscious locks are going to go! Love that boy and his curls!

    1. I changed my mind! I can't cut his hair yet. It's so cute and soft and he is so handsome. I think I will just wait until 3 more people think he is a girl...I mean it's only happened twice so far...