Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favorites!

I love link ups! And I love Camp Patton. What can I ups are so fun and I'm rather boring so I need to share other people's great ideas instead of my own. :)

Here are mine:

1. Downton Abbey

We started watching it 2 years ago (or whenever it first came out) and after a few episodes I was SO bored, and quickly gave up...but then after hearing so much about it from friends (some of them even hosted themed parties which led me to believe that the obsession was well-founded) we picked it up again a few weeks ago, and quickly blazed through all 3 seasons. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I was devastated two nights ago after the season finale (season 3) when we realized that season 4 doesn't make it's debut until January! What the WHAT?! I mean that is so far away...what are they thinking?! I mentioned to John that we won't even have time to watch it then, because baby #2 will have arrived, and then he reminded me that oh yes we will, because I'll be on maternity leave (which means aside from sleeping, nursing, rocking baby and minimal housework, I got time on ma hands!). So now I am counting down the weeks until the holidays with even more motivation.

2. John Frieda's Dream Curls Spray

I bought this forever ago (and interestingly enough, just like Downton Abbey, thought I hated it!) but rediscovered it in a drawer this weekend when my curling iron broke. (Let's take a moment to reflect on this...this is a curling iron that I've had for over a's made it's way through college, Europe, 3 dorm rooms, 2 apartments, 3 houses, and was finally laid to rest after years of labor on my crazy, crazy mop.) Anyway, back to this hair product. It's weird because it's not a mousse or gel, it's a watery spray, but it works SO WELL if you are looking for soft, bouncy curls (like me, and I'm not naturally blessed with those curls.) At $5 a pop...doesn't break the bank either.

3. Baked Potatoes!

Sounds crazy, but remember, I'm pregnant (and I love to eat even when I'm not!). This weekend our stuffed pork tenderloin (see how I said "our" and gave John some credit for all of his hard work? :)) turned out AMAZING and with it we enjoyed some delicious baked potatoes courtesy of some of my favorite friends (hint, hint, Steve & Ashley!). Lucky for me we had leftovers so I've been enjoying baked potatoes for the past few days (we even mixed some chopped baked potato into breakfast burritos this tasty!). Also, I found a really easy way to make them in the crock pot! Anyway, I'm hooked on them and I'm sure that's because the baby needs exactly the vitamins & minerals that baked potatoes contain, so, you're welcome, baby #2.

4. This guy....

One of my favorite pictures of Johnny because it makes me laugh. This was the day after Jack was born when we were leaving the hospital. I was so crabby and uncomfortable (18 hours of labor...practically gave birth naturally since my epidural fell out and no one noticed...newborn baby that was very small and scary to me, etc.) and he was being goofy and wanted to pose in my recovery room hospital bed. This guy!

Picture first so you know who I'm talking about. Since this is my first Five Favorites link up, he has to make the list! I am just so appreciative of him lately. I was talking to a friend about my daily schedule and how we make it all work and realized that honestly 90% of our success (in regard to our family life) is because of him. He wakes up early to make me tea (Baby #2 doesn't like coffee, so Irish Breakfast tea it is), and breakfast, packs me a snack & lunch if I need it, prepares Jack's breakfast...and this is all before 7am, with a smile on his face. He's there to check in on me throughout the workday with calls or texts when I need them, helps me with drop off & pick up of Jack when he's at daycare, assists with dinner (as sous chef but sometimes executive chef!), helps with everything around the house (bathrooms, laundry, I mean everything, that man is a saint), etc. etc. etc. He eats healthy, works out, prays with us & for us, and the best part...he is happy. I mean cheerful, joyous, and fun. He doesn't get "crabby" like I do, and I hope & pray daily that Jack will learn how to behave himself from John, and not me. Basically he's the best. I've been feeling this way (that he's the best) since last night when we were folding 4 loads of laundry together (which we finally got around to since Downton Abbey is now sadly on pause...the Bachelorette was just boring enough that I realized I could multi-task, wahoo!.) He is just the best teammate I could ever ask for and sometimes I think it is so crazy (wonderful) that we get to spend the rest of our lives together, raising a family!

5. diapers

The reason this is making my five favorites list is because diapers are important! And expensive! Since we ran out of all of the diapers we received as baby shower gifts when Jack was 3 months old (and therefore had to spend our hard-earned money on them) I've been on the hunt for the best diaper. When I say best, I mean convenient, a great value, and high quality. Hard to find, let me tell you. Pampers & Huggies are great quality...but expensive, unless you let your kid hang out in a soggy diaper for hours (we don't). Target diapers are cheap, but gave him a rash (not cool) and they just feel flimsy to me. Costco diapers (Kirkland Signature brand) are near perfect, but we don't have a Costco card anymore so I always have to bother my mom to pick some up for me (she's amazing and doesn't mind, but I do hate bothering people!). We tried cloth diapering for 24 hours and both hated it. And when both of us hate something...we normally don't follow through on it for too long. I know the concept works well for some people but I just like to get rid of my kid's poop as quickly as possible...I don't want to spray it off, wash the diaper, dry the diaper and hope there aren't stains on it, carry around a wet bag, use a special detergent, etc. etc. etc. Just not my speed. Anyway, I asked around and no one I knew had tried diapers, and they are really affordable (and delivered to your door step in 24 hours normally) so I assumed they were too good to be true. But after the cloth diaper fiasco, I decided to give them a try. I really like them! So I thought I would share in case you mamas out there have wondered about them as's nice to know when something is tried & true before you invest $ in it. And I love most of the stuff that has to offer (errr...wait...I love that they deliver to your door step...I mean what can be better/easier than that in those early postpartum weeks?). If you were expecting me to share my favorite martini recipe, just remember, although Bacon Mama leads a very exciting life, my #1 job is to be a mama, so I care about things like affordable diapers!

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  1. In our Bradley Birth class we were supposed to eat 3 potatoes a week! Good job mama! I saw John's post about CDs and I told him I thought it would be really tough to start CDs once a baby is on solids...not looking forward to that poo ;-) Kudos to you for trying!