Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Prenatal Workout to Work Your Core...By Making You Laugh

I finally opened the Prenatal Workout DVD that John got few a weeks (or more?) ago! Well to be specific, John opened it for me while I lounged on the ground and mustered up the courage to attempt my first "workout" since becoming pregnant 6 1/2 months ago. (Just's been much longer. I didn't work out before I got pregnant either! Well, unless you count nursing as a work out...which I do.)

Get ready for a review of:

What originally intrigued me about this is that there are 6 Mix & Match Workouts for Cardio, Strength, & Stretch - which for someone like me, means I can do 1 short workout, or if I am feeling like a crazy pregnant lady, a combo of all 3, etc. I like having options as I get bored very easily. I tried prenatal yoga once with Jack and hated it. My version of relaxation involves a glass of red wine & some chocolate, not a smooth talking, undeniably thin, & toned woman encouraging me to "stretchhhh" "hold ittttt...." or "exhale softlyyyyy." 

Anyway, last night we did 2 workouts - "Barefoot & Pregnant" (I love not wearing shoes so this had my name all over 26 weeks it is already difficult to reach/tie my shoelaces around this baby bump) and "Cute to the Core". Corny workout names but what did I expect from a DVD called "What To Expect When You're Expecting: The Workout"?

Here's what I loved (or loved to laugh about):

#1 - the fact that my husband did the entire workout with me. Every single part. Even this next one...
#2 - the "body roll" move. Hilarious. If I was successfully rolling my mid-section, no one would have noticed because when you have a basketball on top of your abs, that's pretty much the center of attention from what I can tell.
#3 - the fact that the woman representing the "6 months pregnant" mama was WAY bigger than me. WAHOOO! Sounds awful, I know, but guess what, when most of the world makes you feel like a big, fat, tall, big, wide pregnant's encouraging to look small in comparison.
#4 - one of the core moves that advised that you use a core muscle (which I could not identify through thought or action) to "hug your baby." Not sure what they meant by that because I didn't know how to move that part of my body. It was something with your something or something like that. I'm sure John did it perfectly but I was too busy laughing to notice.
#5 - the side plank move. The first set I did...nothing. Stared at the screen trying to determine how to make my body do that. The second set I accomplished! Or so I thought, because of John's affirmation. In reality I was maybe 1/4 inch off the ground and still ready to fall over.

The good news is that the plastic wrap has been removed off the ol' prenatal workout DVD, I got a great laugh in (+1 for mental health) and afterward, I celebrated by having a few scoops of french vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries, chopped almonds, and a little tiny bit of dark chocolate syrup. Fabulous evening if you ask me.

I was smiling just like this during the entire workout too.

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  1. I do that DVD too! It is my favorite out of the 3 I got from the library (I am a prenatal DVD hog lately). I love how the blonde lady is always encouraging you on the miracle baby you are growing , while exercising! Makes me feel good about myself :) which I never thought I'd say about an exercise DVD.