Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mama Moments

This should have been a link up over at Track 8 for Keepin' It Real Mondays (cause this was real!!!) but since I was too tired to blog last night (let alone shower...just kidding...I mean sort of...I didn't take a shower but my hair still looks pretty good today :)) this here post is making an appearance today (Tuesday). So I'll file it under "Mama Moments" instead. 

I got home from work right at 5:15 which was great (nothing like work-life balance to put a smile on your face if you are a full-time workin' mama!) because I'm trying to support John in his healthy eating/exercise (since I sure as heck am not doing so well myself!). So off he headed to Spin class at the gym and Jack and I cuddled up to read books & play. Dinner was ready in the crock pot and life seemed good. (This dish was tasty & we used veggie pasta that you don't have to boil separately, you just throw it in towards the end, and with all those veggies it didn't even need a side salad in my opinion, so check it out if you are interested: Crock Pot Broccoli Chicken Pasta). I was cherishing my alone time with Jack (since we get a lot of that on the weekends but it's normally limited on Monday evenings) when all the sudden he went into mad/sad/fussy baby mode. This is rare for my angel child. John mentioned (before he left for the gym) that he had given Jack some baby Tylenol because he's teething (eye teeth & two more molars?) but Jack is such a champ when it comes to teething that I didn't expect it to affect my poor baby so much. Before I knew it he was crying and whining and just generally seemed ticked off. And then he went into full meltdown mode. Walked over to the front door (crying) and started pounding on it...yelling..."DADDDDYYYY!!!!" Repeatedly. My mama heart broke INSTANTLY. DADDY?! What?! Mommy was there! Mommy has been the favorite parent (dare I say this? I know my husband reads this blog...) since I carried this child for nearly 10 months with my own body, pushed him into this beautiful world with my own body, nursed him for a year with my own body (you get the picture). But yesterday...yesterday. Daddy. Daddy!

If, like me, you are wondering why Jack said Daddy, there are two possible reasons:

Option 1) Mondays are John's day home with Jack. So they are the best day of the week for my boys! They hang out at home, do some chores, and then play play play. Yesterday they had an especially fun day though. They went to the park by our house, stopped by the post office (very exciting for a 15 month old; apparently Jack walked all over and was quite entertained), got frozen yogurt, and played outside at Jack's very own water park (in our backyard, photo below). So maybe...maybe...that's why Jack wanted Daddy. Because Daddy is fun and Mommy is boring and wants to read books and fold laundry.

Option 2) Sometimes Jack says "Daddy" when he wants something. For example, he loves brushing his teeth. So if we are in the bathroom and he sees a toothbrush he yells "Daddy!!!" until I give it to him. Not sure how this got started and not sure how it will end. The kid knows A LOT of words for a 15 month old so we're not worried about his development. Probably just a phase. 

Either way...broken mama heart. By the time John got home (totally pumped from his amazing workout) I was sad and tired and it took both of us to feed Jack some dinner & get him ready for bed, and we didn't eat our no-prep crock pot dinner until 7:45pm, so then instead of walking with my mom at 8:00pm as planned (I thought it would be a good foray into the "light exercise" recommended by my OB) I stayed home and baked lemon bars (with whole wheat flour...pretty tasty actually) & banana nut cinnamon muffins (for breakfast...also whole wheat...also tasty). And baking is fun and great except when you can hear your OB's voice in your head recommending that you do not indulge in both lunch & dinner desserts. Because deep down I know that the whole wheat flour doesn't quite cancel out the butter & sugar in the recipes. (Too bad!) 

That's all for today! Here's a cute picture of Jack at his backyard water park. It includes a slide (on the lawn, not pictured), kiddie pool, playhouse, sand/water table, hose, and towel floor as an attempt at a non-slip surface/red carpet. Super fun. No wonder the kid loves Daddy.

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  1. I love that I just found your blog!! Nicely done, mama!