Thursday, August 8, 2013

BabyCenter Updates

Today, I got my weekly iPhone BabyCenter update. It’s an app that John loves because he always wants to know what baby is up to. But for me, this app is less exciting. I mean look at today’s update:

SERIOUSLY?! I’ve been pregnant for 23 weeks so far. That’s a LONG TIME. Especially since the first 17 weeks included constant nausea. And in the weeks after the nausea went away I slowly came to the realization that I’ve been gaining weight quite rapidly. Scratch that, I came to this realization quickly, twice. Once here and again this week at my prenatal checkup.  (More on that later). So this hasn’t been peaches and cream so far. 23 weeks down…and 119 DAYS to go. Geez!!! Then when you look at tomorrow’s BabyCenter update, you see that even more fun fun fun is in store. I mean who isn’t genuinely excited about the prospect of swelling feet & ankles?! Wahooo. I didn’t suffer much from this with Jack, but one of the joys of pregnancy is that every pregnancy is different. So you can’t expect anything. Except a baby, God willing. Yowsa!

Anyway, although pregnancy is challenging, I try to just focus on the positive, which is that because of 10 months of labor (pregnancy) and hours and/or days of labor (childbirth) I get another BABY! And that makes me so very happy. I love babies. I mean I really do. I’m probably obsessed. I see a picture of a newborn and my heart melts instantly. I have five friends who are posting newborn pictures on Facebook right now and I adore each and every one. I never get tired of those sleepy eyes and tiny hands and itty bitty mouths and fuzzy hair or no hair at all. I remember after we had Jack, someone asked me (when I had just returned from maternity leave…so he was 4 months old) when we were going to be ready for Baby #2. My initial reaction was “Years from now! We already have a baby! Are you crazy?!” I wasn’t looking forward to another pregnancy or childbirth experience in the least. I thought it would take some major convincing (from God & my husband). But it didn’t. A friend at work brought in her 3 week old baby (when Jack was 9 months old) and it was a sealed deal. The rest of the day I sat at my desk (working away…I do love my job!) but in the back of my mind, I was thinking baby baby baby. I couldn’t wait to have another one. I mean this little newborn was so precious and small and wonderful and I thought to myself, I’ve got two arms! I need two babies! (Or something like that). And then shortly thereafter we were blessed with Baby #2. So now as I struggle through the next 119 days (hopefully without swollen feet/ankles), I’ll be focusing on meeting my next little one. Because I love babies!

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